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Guide to safe shoppingUpdated 9 months ago

Our brand's only online store is:

Unfortunately, however, there are many who take advantage of the brand name to create scam sites; but how to recognise them? Below we will point out a few elements that will help you spot unsafe sites.

1. The site name in the URL is not; the names of these sites use the brand name associated with other words (e.g. shop, shoes, outlet etc.);

2. The prices of the products are very cheap; particularly in the sales period, which is when these sites proliferate, always distrust exaggerated discounts and bargain prices;

3. There are grammatical errors

4. There is no company data, in particular the VAT number, which you should read in the footer of the page. Check our company details here: who am I buying from?

5. If you reached the site via a social sponsorship, always check the URL of the site to which you are redirected (as in point 1);

6. Only Debit Card is available as a payment option;

7. You have received update e-mails and the shipment does not originate from Italy; check where we ship from;

8. Emails are sent from a mail address that is not [email protected]; the customer service email listed is not [email protected].

If you happened to purchase from a site that you find suspicious, please let us know by sending an e-mail to our Customer Service ([email protected]) enclosing, if possible, pictures of the site in question.

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