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Did you buy in the shop?Updated 6 months ago

In addition to the online store, you can also buy Superga in physical shops (in Italy). Our Customer Service cannot, however, assist you for these purchases. 

Do not worry, you can still get help based on your purchase location:

  • If you purchased at a single-brand Superga store, contact the store itself: you can also contact them by e-mail or phone.
  • If you purchased in a multi-brand store, you must address the retailer who, if the conditions are met, is required by law to provide the end customer with free repair or replacement of the non-compliant product or, if this is not possible, a price reduction or refund (Articles 130, 131, 132 Italian Consumer Code).
  • If you purchased from an Outlet, you must go to the shop or contact them because they are a separate channel than ours.

 Please note

Note that in order to obtain help with your in-store purchases, you must submit evidence.

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